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Indie Games To Expect In August & July Recap

2014-08-02 05:37:37 by xyzzygames

Much thanks to all our supporters for a GREAT month! This was our first month producing video games as a full-fledged indie studio, and we successfully launched two complete titles: One World and Watching Shadows


One World - An incremental idle game where everyone wins. You play as a Supreme Being who creates worlds. As you spend more time playing the game, you see your world change. As you add Land to your world, land emerges from the dark ocean. Plants grow, humans build cities and temples unto your greatness. As a bonus, once you've seen all there is to see on the first planet, you can do it all over again. It's a game we hope you'll come back to time and again, if not for the jokes, then for the beautiful, yet unmistakably sad, music.


Watching Shadows - A game that asks you to explore the darker side of human nature. Our winning entry into the Newgrounds GameJam 10, a two-day long hackathon. That means we built everything you see here in just 51 hours, based around the theme of "The Unknown." Many thanks to Tom and the rest of the Newgrounds team for playing our game. We got a lot of feedback on Watching Shadows, and a lot of players unfortunately did not find the motivation to finish the game. We'll be keeping the GameJam version of the game here in its original format (perhaps with very minor bugfixes if the need does arise), but plan on developing the story deeper in the next installment in the series. 


As indie developers, there's not a lot of capital behind our projects. We can only spend what we earn from our supporters. Thank you all for playing, and for disabling your AdBlock when you do!

Upcoming Game Ideas (VOTE!)

Earl the Squirrel - You're a squirrel with a cameraphone and a slight limp, and you just can't get enough of all the pretty ladies walking down the sidewalk. Get as close as you can and snap a risque photo without being caught, run over by cars, stepped on by pedestrians, or being arrested for being a total pervert. 

Spirit Quest - A Katamari-style open-world game where you roll your giant spirit ball around collecting spirit from progressively larger plants, animals, and trees, all while avoiding bigger evil spirits and quashing the smaller evil spirits.

Combinatoric - A game-show format letters and numbers game that pits you against the clock and 3 AI opponents to see just how smart you really are. Inspired by British television game show "Countdown."

Crossfire - Use your fast-twitch skills to fight over control of a soccer ball and be the player who sends it home safely in your opponent's net. The catch? You get to do it with a 9mm pistol. 




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2014-08-03 14:28:03

crossfire sounds awesome! a football game with guns!!!!